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We create Creative global websites - with high C and with matching IQ

We recommend that you start using our translation services for website content... and perhaps try our website builder tool too! Get a website in a new language for 5 EUR totally  - all website services, hosting, content, translation, design and a website builder is included.

In step with the globalization of the Internet, the entire language landscape of the international company has changed completely.

Companies need to keep in touch with customers who belong to different parts of the world and speak different languages. Over 100 million people have access to the Internet in another language than English.

More than 50% of all web users speak a mother tongue other than English. This has given rise to a growing need for multilingual sites that need new content in different languages.

52-70.com* provides translation services related to content on websites. We also undertake content translation projects for multilingual websites.

We understand the importance of communicating your message to your target audience clearly and efficiently, providing translation solutions that meet your needs.

52-70.com converts your content into multiple languages ​​24/7 in a matter of days (English-Swedish-Norwegian-Englishin matters of hours). Translations into all languages ​​are provided.

Content Translation Service Provided by Outsourcing Translation

Various studies have emphasized the importance of reaching out to customers in their native language. Our team consists of experienced language professionals who are familiar with several foreign languages ​​and can offer accurate translation services.We ensure that your content is translated by effective translators in a secure way.

Apart from offering professional translation to and from English, we also offer translation services in combinations such as French to German, Tagalog, Hindi to Spanish, Dutch to Spanish and so on. You choose target languages ​​and source languages, while we provide you with the best possible translation solution.

In addition to our in-house team of translators, we have a network of professional translators around the globe who are native speakers of the languages ​​you desire. Our translators have in-depth knowledge of specific subject areas, such as marketing, finance and law. Our clients have valued our ability to perceive their requirements correctly and provide customized translation services.

We offer complete translation solutions. You can use our translation solutions to translate:

- Content on the website

- Banner ads

- Forms

- Brochures

- Legal documents

- Newsletters

At 52-70.com, we understand that the quality of our services depends on the experience and knowledge of our translators. Therefore, we choose the right translator who will be able to provide the services you are looking for. This ensures that they live up to your expectations. We are not only able to translate your texts, but can also communicate the exact meaning of your content to your target audience.

- The benefit of hiring expert writers for translation

- Fast, accurate translation solutions available 24/7

- Translations adapted to the target country/location

- Planning and consulting structural requirements that ensure your site is easy to navigate - through various languages, pages and multilingual links

- Proven project management skills to translate multiple languages ​​at once

- Ability to translate from any source format to any target format. For example: All MS Office applications (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint), PDF, Adobe applications, JPEG, TIFF, PageMaker, Illustrator, In Design, FrameMaker, Photoshop, Corel Draw, Quark Express, Etc

- Fast processing time Competitive price

- Transparent communication

Our language and translation service can help you communicate better and reach more customers. We feel committed to provide superior content translation services. Our focus is on quality, timelines and customer centrality - it helps us deliver above-average solutions. If you are looking for a partner who is committed to being excellent, you need look no further!

Contact us to outsource your translations of websites. You can contact our 24/7 chat  here

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